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Originally Posted by Arien Malec View Post
Can I suggest we spawn a different thread for this?

I don't think the application of PP principles are as straightforwardly applied to weightlifting as Steven thinks but I don't want that mixed in with discussion of Greg's book.
Say what? Michael said that not me.

Though.. one thing I've noticed is that programming remains nearly the same (in terms of how you build and structure exercises) across many domains.. bodyweight, barbell work, etc. Shrug. I wouldn't say it's straightfoward at all, but programming-wise there should be at least some overlap you can draw from. (Of course, then there's people who argue against my position and say bodyweight is nothing like barball and such but at least I program bodyweight/gymnastics work similar to barbell and it has worked fairly well for me I'd say).

But yeah, it's a good topic for another thread.
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