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I'm a gymnastics hack (actually I'm a hack at most things!) but I think itís just a matter of picking some elements and designing some progressions to achieve those goals. I think basic tumbling- handstand, front roll, back roll, extensions rolls, pirotes, aerials, handsprings, flips) and ring work-MU, front/back lever, kip-to-support, back roll to support, press to HS, skin-the-cat...these two elements I think are very accessible and offer the most transferability to general athleticism. Just my opinion but you can get strong as hell on the rings and can do some fun/cool elemental tumbling FAIRLY easily.

In this way also you can work elements on an as needed basis. Need some metcon? 10 snap downs (handstand snapping down into a round off landing), 10 pull-ups, 10 Twinkie hugs-rounds in 12 minutes for example.

We will certainly be looking at more of this in the future and have some cool projects in the works.
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