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I have been asked by my friend to help him as he wants to bulk up. He's 5'7 or 8 and 133 pounds or so. Vietnamese and can't drink milk. Tried to drink nonfat organic since our friend's philipino gf said that is easier for her, but apparently a no go either. He has not tried lactose-free yet or lactase caps.

My friend and I reccomended SS for him since it is simple and he is a noob to lifting. He'll probably join a gym to get access to weights since he lives at home and I don't think buying a cage and weights is an option. Hell, I don't even know what his diet is. He's pretty skinny and I would guess doesn't eat too much all in all unless it's a saturday night.

Would it be possible for him to calculate on the zone at a target weight, up the fat blocks and gain on this if the milk option doesn't work?

It doesn't seem he is opposed to drinking milk but just has problems with it. Looks like lactase caps could get expensive, but I'm not sure how much lactose-free milk costs. It looks like lactose free milk is available in all types.

I'm pretty sure even though he lives at home he is on a limited budget based on what I know his bills and hours are. Not sure if his parents would help him in his endeavor or not since if he went no milk gain route, it would mean lots of eating.

I, myself am not familiar with mass gain. Once upon a time before gymnastics I had dreams of under 200, but didn't eat for it properly in restrospect.

I did find this thread, besides some googling and searching at the CF board and SM. Don't know what T-nation has and I'm not familiar with BB forums at all.
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