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Charles Moreland
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Wednesday Work out 9/3

Warm up -

2 minutes rowing
20 air squats
10 pushups
30 sec iso hold 135# squat

Workout -

235# Squat 3x5
45# Weighted Dip 3x5

*Deadlifting station was being used and I needed to run to class

Elbow -

80# Lat Pulldown 3x5

I felt dead the entire day due to it being 90 degrees. Squats didn't feel too lovely but I think it was just the circumstances.

In other news my flexibility work is really taking off! Today I was 5 inches from the ground in a front split which is a 10 inch increase from the start of this program. Side splits remain difficult but hopefully I can iron those out for tae kwon do this semester. Kicks on Monday felt great. Still not as high as I'd like but it's a start.
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