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John Kaupp
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The one problem that has not been addressed yet is the bar path up that affects the extension and being forward. You need to keep the bar moving in as straight a line as possible. You are bringing the bar around the knees (instead of moving your knees back) which causes the bar to be out in front and maybe even cause your 2nd pull to start to soon. I don't know if lowering the hips off the start would help this, if anyting raise the hips. This should help you stay back in your heels longer, push your knees back(not to locked out though) as the bar comes of the floor so the bar is moving straight and get to mid thigh before you start the second pull. Be patient on that second pull. When the bar is at mid thigh before the second pull, your shoulders should be in front of the bar, and they never seem to get there in the video.
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