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michael, have you had any luck looking for Pendlay's stuff? it's scattered around the web in various forum posts he he used to be an active poster. i know a lot of the basic template ideas behind the intermediate section of Practical Programming are influenced by Glenn's work, I would assume the advanced chapter is also, I recall a number of periodization schemes including the hormonal fluctuation model that seemed applicable to weightlifting.

Westside..that's funny. people using dumbed down Westside templates for stuff like Oly lifting......

reminds me of 1960's 70's Japanese cinema that heavily references American Gunfighter movies, culminating in the Seven Samurai which is then reborrowed whole cloth to make the Magnifient Seven...Films like the Lone Wolf and Cub series inspire filmwork in 70's Spagetti Westerns which then swap back to hyper focused action in Later 70's Japanese film....which then get re-stolen back and forth until you get the least original filmaker of all time Tarantino making Kill Bill...

short answer..if it works, steal it..
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