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ryan mac
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Today was a great workout. I hope to continue the trend. Exactly 1 month after my program began. I hope that it produces better recovery and increased strength.

Squat: I was happy to make all reps. I believe this can go up a few more times.

Press: I knew this would get stuck soon. I will try to get all reps next press workout. I'm still pleased with this weight.
115x5x2 - 115x4x1 -missed last rep in 3rd set

Dead: The dead still feels great. Again, it's heavy as hell, but I don't feel like i'm going to miss the reps. I reset my position after every rep. No more than 3 seconds between reps. With that in mind, I was able to complete all reps in a normal grip position.

I hope to continue to increase the weights. The eating is the hardest part. Yet, I know it is essential to maintain progress. I continue to add in more foods to try to reach my caloric goals.
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