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Stephen Brown
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I don't really have a goal as far as how much I want to be able to lift. I do plan on continuing this lifting schedule for 4 weeks and see what that gets me, we'll see. I am reducing my bicycle miles to only about 40/week for that time which will be done between lift days on the road, and Saturdays off-road.

Below is a link that shows what I think is an average day for food intake. I'm not tracking this daily, though I am hooked on Paleo eating and don't think I'll be changing much in the future. (My food log says soy milk, I couldn't find almond milk)

My master plan is to get stronger and look better at the pool. There, I admitted it, vanity is a big player here . And since Z (my son) is getting so active, I want to be able to keep up with him for as long as possible whether cycling, skiing, running, whatever. Plus, the wife is on her own PP plan and it is really motivational to do this as couple.

Closer to the holiday season (halloweenish), I will be increasing my riding a lot as I plan on doing some mountain bike events in the spring, the for instance (not single-speed), and maybe some TMBRA stuff. Z has mentioned wanting to race bikes, so I'll get him in the kids cup and we'll do it together.

Most of all, heavy lifting it turns out is pretty fun. As long as its fun, I'm in.
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