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Derek Maffett
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Finally got sick of measuring this stuff in pounds. Switching to kilograms.

September 6, 2008

Trained with Sam Maxwell and Rachel Izzo today.


Snatch - worked up to a new PR of 45kg (7kg PR)
Clean and Jerk - 62.5kg (2.5kg PR clean, 10kg PR jerk)
Back squat - 60x3x2 (ridiculously difficult, but I was pretty tired by this time)

A bit of press out on these... I need to work on that.

Valuable advice received:

1) Closer grip with both the clean and snatch. That alone brought my snatch up 5kg.
2) Squat more. I can do that.
3) Eat more. I understand the concept, but the execution has always been a bit difficult for me...
4) It's clean and jerk - not clean, stand around, and then jerk.
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