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Garrett -

Yes. You set a great position, but then when you get ready to go you raise your hips and set a new starting position (you'll see a distinct forward shift, like you rocked your whole body forward.

When you leave the ground, your knees drive back too fast without concurrent shoulder elevation - pause the video when the bar is ~ in front of your knees and you can see a) your hips are super high and b) the bar is nowhere near your legs. These two things nearly always go together.

Set that initial start position and from there, think of leading with your chest - lift your shoulders as you leave the floor - and sweep the bar back into your body. If you have a hard time pulling the bar in close, you're leaning too far over. Really it will take care of itself if your back angle is good because your arms will be about vertical as it reaches the knees.

Jerk -

Keep the torso vertical - you push your hips back and let your chest drop as you dip. Think of a vertical line through the bar, your hip and your ankle and keep them always along that line.

That pushes the bar a bit forward, and you don't split quite long enough - that's why the weight was pulling you forward a bit when you received it. Get that dip straight, think of driving the bar slightly backward, and pick up that front foot and drive the heel forward.
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