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Update as of 1/25/2007:

I'm 19 days in at this point and other than the weirdness I felt last week it's been pretty smooth sailing since then.

Bodyweight/body composition - I'm done to 192 on the gym scale and 189 on the home scale so that's another 1-2 lb loss since last week. My wife keeps commenting that it seems like my bodyfat is going away very fast. At this point I'm only down a total of 3-4 lbs since I started on 1/6.

Performance - I haven't noticed a decrease in performance yet my lifting numbers are still going up and my met/con status is pretty much where it was before, if not slightly improved.

Misc. - My hunger pangs have almost completely gone away in the AM and PM. This past weekend I had a wings/pizza night with the family and I noticed I was able to "bounce" back from it a lot faster than before when I ate more frequently. Meaning, that after I ate all that stuff I didn't feel like crap all the next day as I have in the past.

Maybe just maybe there is something to this IF thing hm?
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