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Charles Moreland
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Saturday workout 9/6

Warm up -

Skipped warm up. Came directly from an hour or so of parkour. Was feeling pretty good.

Workout -

245# Squat 3x5
225# Deadlift 1x5
50# Weighted dip 3x5

Elbow -

85# Lat Pulldown 3x5

So I jumped an extra 5 pounds without realizing which felt amazing...after the fact. Doing the actual squats was another story but a friend watching me didn't notice much fault in form. I dropped to 225# deadlift due to form inadequacies. I'll get video up as soon as I can. Dips felt great and I'll continue to increase them each work out.

Elbow wise I think I found something to get the strength back. A PT previously mentioned working the endurance of the muscle but after several weeks on that I noticed no change. I think this new pt routine is what I need to regain my strength slowly and safely.
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