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Sun: 4 hrs of sleep. Got a couple naps though which helped make up for it.

OAC: 1x1B; 1x1B +10 lbs; 1x1L(f 1/2) 1x1R 1x1L(f 3/4) +15 lbs; 1x1L +12.5 lbs, 1x1R(f 1/3) +17.5 lbs

Decided to test OAC strength just because I feel like it. Shouldn't be that intensive since 1 OAC is not my limit strength anymore and maxing isn't that intensive either with so few sets to do it.

In any case, got up to OAC +12.5 lbs for left and +15 lbs for right. About halfway to my goal of hitting +25 lbs with both arms by the end of the year. I am probably going to start mixing in some max strength (weighted OAC work) with the repetition sets aiming towards 1x5 and beyond (probably not more than 2-3 sets because it wears on the elbows).

Otherwise, with pushing still going to work towards maltese and planche. Haven't done much triceps work to my honest, but they are one of my strong points and I'm trying to bring up biceps/posterior delt strength anyway.

~Knee rehab work between my sets.
~RC work on external rotation only. Side lying ER & cubans.
~Some splits and shoulder flexibility work.
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