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Default Yah Baby I like it Raw

I eat as much food un or barely cooked as possible however at a BBQ on Labor Day I went Raw to a degree I had not yet attempted....

I brought a 3/4 pound ribeye local grass fed to the grill and found that we had arrived to late to put it on as the coals were out and there was no more to be burnt. I was hungry and not about to wast a perfectly good fresh chunk of meat like that. So I put it on the cooling grill wich didn't even brown the areas in between where the metal touches. It war by no meens rare it was raw.

Honestly it tased great, and my digestive system seemed to handle it fine, the only thing i would change is the cut of meat... to much tendon in a ribeye.

Anyone else ever eat raw meat or am I just an idiot?
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