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Stephen Brown
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Saturday September 6.

mountain bike ride approx. 17-18 miles. Medium intensity with hard efforts on climbs. Dinosaur Valley State Park is greatness.

Today (Sept 10)

195x3x5 - very hard to complete final set. (left arm numbness after second set, had to use bar pad for third.) might be necessary to repeat this weight next wo?

Bench press:
175x1x3 (fail) will cycle back to 170 next bp day, sept 12.

10x3x6 - incredible what adding 10lbs will do. last couple of reps were very hard and I just barely got my chin over the bar.

Pendlay rows:
145x3x5 - these are fun, glad I learned about them.

20 pushups.

I feel as though I am recovering well. I feel little soreness relative to the amount of effort it takes to push the weight I am at. Sleep is solid, averaging around 7 hours/night. Slight gain of fat around mid-section. The love handles are the last to go and first to return, will monitor cheat foods more closely.
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