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Mon: ~7 hours of sleep but felt like 5-6.

OAC: 1x1B, 3x2B +7.5 lbs
Maltese leans (from support): 5x10s in 1/2 lay

OAC felt pretty good with doubles at +7.5 lbs. I like weighted version better because it feels better overall. Less wear and tear on the joints.. well, even though it's more weight they're tough enough that enough repetitions can do you in clearly. So am definitely going to mix in more weighted work.

Maltese leans felt pretty good.. although can't tell progress. From what I can tell OAC work does help protect the elbows so I don't have to worry much about any hyperextension which is nice.

Holding off on RC work. Going to try to operate on a 2/1 on/off schedule as I need to give them a break b/c they are small muscles. Shoulders feel great right now though and today is the rest day.

Already did knee rehab + ice. Feels good. Very close to being able to do an airsquat without it twinging. Can go to parallel without it hurting at the moment but am going to take it VERY slow.

Hopefully work splits a bit later. Have also decided to work english handstand before one arm handstand. Will do some of that tomorrow though.
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