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Charles Moreland
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Ah, I always list the DL after my squat but DL is always done at the end.

Monday Workout 9/8

Warm up -

2 minutes rowing
20 airsquats
10 push ups
135# rock bottom iso hold 30 seconds

Work out -

250# Squat 3x5
55# Weighted Dips 3x5
225# DL 1x5 (Still waiting on form)

PT Work -

90# Lat Pulldown 3x5
150# leg abducter machine 3x10 (This was mostly just an experiment to test a different theory as to why I am unable to do straddle splits)

Stretching as always was my cooldown. Which, by the way, my front splits are now only several inches off the ground, down from what used to be 15+ inches at the beginning of this program. Although kicking utilizes a different stretch mechanism, they have felt infinitely better than before and I can now kick waist height with relative ease.

My squat felt absolutely beautiful. Can't say much on that except that I'll keep pushing until form gives out. I'm estimating around 275 it will give, but I won't dawn on that too much. 300 here I come.

Dips are also getting pretty damn strong and I'll continue increasing 5#s every workout until my triceps tell me otherwise.

I'm going to keep saying it, two weeks now after switching strategies with my elbow and I haven't felt a lick pain. Progress will be slow but I'm sure I've got it this time.

As one more note, cookies are officially out of my diet as I was rushed to the emergency room after picking up and eating a cookie that was not labeled properly and contained chunks of food (walnuts) that I'm deathly allergic too. I'm slightly upset as I kept this food as my one last connection to high sugary foods. Oh well.
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