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Default Please don't let the fact that it's a very girly site put you off. All of their products are natural or vegan or safe enough to eat. And they work for the funkiest of either gender.

Their Teo deodorant bar is like a big circle of chalk. It smells citrussy and really works. Their aromacreme cream deodorant smells a little flowery, but a man could indeed get away with wearing it.

I have used these products 1st thing in the morning, worked, gone to football practice from 2-4:30, driven to a martial arts class and only changed shirts and worked out from 6-8:30. And nobody knew how dirty I was!

(I don't do that often- it was a weird day, but I think that's a good illustration of Lush deodorants' efficacy.)

Pricey but worth it and safe enough to use on a child.

Pick your location from the flags, go to CLOSEUP then DEODORANTS

And their T for Toes kills foot odor and cured my athlete's foot in just a few applications. Again- all natural ingredients that are safe for you, the environment and the animals you wish to experiment upon!

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