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Default Overhead Squat and Overhead form in general

Hello All,
Didn't want to pirate anyone's thread, so decided to start my own. Leonid had recommended I concentrate on bending at the hips first with my OHS and I tried real hard today. Don't have a clue how I did even when I watch the videos.

here's the footage. I started out with, for the first time ever, some squat jerks. Did 95x5, 135x3 (recorded) 165x3 (recorded).

Then tried to do 185x3 but bailed (I recorded it). After that I did some regular power jerks with 205. Another set of 3.

Then did some overhead squats working on my form. Trying to sit back more making the bend in my hip the first thing to happen and sort of raising my toes before the descent. Trying my best as Leo recommended.

here's the footage:

After that, I did another set of ohs - 135x5.

Then did some snatch pulls 205x3, 255x3 (recorded), 300x3 (recorded), 330x3 (recorded)

Thoughts, recommendations, I'm open to anything because I want to get this right.

Thanks in advance for anything anyone can share.

All the best,
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