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OK , so the AD went crap right after my IHOP carb load. We eneded up having to stay out of town a little longer than we planned and basically training and food choices went to hell. I decided to just return to my old way of eating and give the AD another run when I knew I wouldn't be interrupted. That was a mistake, I started to pack on weight , both fat and water daily. I shot up ten pounds and felt like a bloated mess, just from adding in oatmeal and fruit back to my daily intake. I found an article from Dr. John Berardi that explained exactly what I was going through and how you have to basically cycle carbs back into your daily diet after being off of them for a while. Made sense to me , since I was going through exactly what he was describing in the article.

So it looks like hurricane Ike is going to leave us alone and I'm two days back into the no carb thing. This time I am following a Berardi twist on the AD, it's basically the AD with lower calories and a carb load every 14 days instead of every 5. We'll see, I have to say I feel much better even after just two days of lower carb intake. I am also planning on doing it a little cleaner this time as far as food choices. Eggs, spinach, mushrooms, ground beef, chicken breasts, olive oil, fish oil, and milled flax is pretty much all I'm eating for two weeks and than I may mix it up a bit. I'm very curious to give this diet a full run, so hopefully I won't screw up this time.
"We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and disappointment."
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