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Charles Moreland
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Wednesday Workout 9/10

Warm up-

2 minutes rowing
20 airsquats
10 push ups
170# rock bottom iso hold 30 seconds


255# Squat 3x5
60# Weighted dips 3x5
225# Deadlift

PT -

95# Lat Pulldown 3x5

I felt like a damn champion doing 255. My 5th rep on the last set was the first instance where I actually found myself grunting while pushing. Perhaps some screaming will come out by 300.

Dips also felt great. I do need to make a note however to start bringing elastic bands to the gym because I think 60 is all the chain belt is meant to hold.

Dead lift is still slacking. Still attempting to get a video camera to get some footage for you Steve. Sorry for the wait.

On a less high note...I've lost two pounds. I know this comes from being a college student while also being involved in as much shit as I am involved with, but I seriously need to figure out a way to get enough calories when I'm on campus. If this means going to the store more than once every week and a half or so then so be it. I'd like to keep my linear progression going until 300.
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