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Default What to do??

Hey all...relatively new poster to the forums here but I have a question that I'm hoping you all can help me out with. I've been doing the June 08 Mass Gain program and I'm in the middle of my 6th week. The week right after the back off where I'm using the same loadings from week 4.

Here's the dilemma/question - Week 4 felt great. I felt strong...reps were getting tougher but I still had some in the tank. I could look at the projected progressions for weeks 7 & 8 and say to doubt they'll be tough, but I shouldn't have any problems making my reps.

Enter week 5 (the backoff week) - Things just didn't feel as light as they should. In fact I remember saying to myself after squats on Monday "shit, they almost felt harder than last Monday". I noted it in my notebook and I didn't change anything...just continued to do as prescribed for the entire back off week. Nothing felt as light as I thought it should....deads/bench, etc. all felt like I wasn't backing off of anything.

Go to week 6 - My ass has been dragging this week and it's a struggle to match the reps/sets of week 4. In fact on Monday...10x3 squats...set 6 I got 2 reps and just couldn't get the 3rd out of the hole and ended up dumping it (I felt like shit so I just ended squats with that). More than once this week I've caught myself double checking the bar to make sure I didn't misload it too high.

So now, I'm not sure what to do....does this mean I backed off too much/not enough? Should I continue as best as I can for the next several weeks? Or should I knock a few pounds off everything? Or hell, should I just consider this the end of a cycle?

Diet hasn't changed at all since the start of the program....but for what it's worth my son has been waking up in the morning with some green-ness coming out of his nose...and today I feel like I'm getting a major head cold. It also didn't help for some reason last night I only got like 4 hours of solid sleep...I just couldn't sleep...too hot/too cold...not comfortable, etc. Normally though I get at least 8 sometimes 9 hours on a regular basis.


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