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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
I'd actually have you not push the hips back first - it tends to overemphasize a backward hip drive, and that's the last thing you want in an OHS or FS. I think your bottom position woes are most likely a product of your head position and the fact that your pushing your hips back.

I can't see where your eyes are directed, but based on your head position, it looks like you're looking down - don't. Look straight ahead. Keep the head push forward through your arms like you're doing, but keep it a little more upright, and not quite as far forward. Driving it down and too far forward will invariably pull your chest down like that.

I think your foot width is fine - you're getting plenty of external rotation of the hips and space to sink down there - if you go much wider, your knees are going to be twisting. But in that bottom position, you need to really sit your hips down onto your heels as much as possible - bring the torso upright just short of vertical (to allow the correct shoulder positioning). Again, I think this is tied to your head pulling you forward.
Thanks Greg and John.

I got that crazy looking down thing from watching the chinaese lifters doing their squat jerks and their snatches. For some reason it really helped me get my head forward on both my jerks and snatches.

But you are right - the eye position is down. I can easily elevate where I'm looking while keeping my head forward "through the window."

On the mirror, Randy has told me that before so I'm going to do it now and forever. I might even take off my glasses, which would help, which is what i used to do when I powerlifted eons ago.

You guys might get a kick out of this.

Anyway, after Leonid responded about my unstable overhead problem can be easily fixed by simply turning my toes out more when I go into the receiving position, I got all OCD. What he said above made perfect sense, because when I watched the videos I hadn't realized but I'm not turning my feet out much at all.

So anyway, I am itching to try this, even though I had just crushed myself not more than an hour prior in the gym. I'm in suit pants, dress shirt, and tie. Normal work attire for me. So I make my way to the bathroom near my office. It has an enormous full length mirror beside the wash basins/sinks. Once in the bathroom, I peered around the corner to make certain no one's using the urinals or the stalls. I then position myself right in front of the full length mirror, jump, point my toes more, go into the receiving position, arms overhead. Right when I could feel my hammy's hitting my calves I heard an enormous RRRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPP.

yeah baby. Blew out my dresss pants from my crotch to the top of my ass crack. It was awesome.

Pretty typical for me really.

All the best,

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