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Originally Posted by Arden Cogar Jr. View Post
So I make my way to the bathroom near my office. It has an enormous full length mirror beside the wash basins/sinks. Once in the bathroom, I peered around the corner to make certain no one's using the urinals or the stalls. I then position myself right in front of the full length mirror, jump, point my toes more, go into the receiving position, arms overhead. Right when I could feel my hammy's hitting my calves I heard an enormous RRRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPP.

yeah baby. Blew out my dresss points from my crotch to the top of my ass crap. It was awesome.

Oh man that sucks! Usually, when I am, er, uh...checking squat form in the bathroom at the office...someone usually walks in and then I got to play it off like I'm tying my shoes or some shit like that! God bless telecommuting!!!!

For what it's worth on the OHS form...I find that I don't really sit 'back'. In fact I sort of go straight down and then eventually push in like I'm trying to get my hips right over my ankles. My knees are pushed way forward and I can really feel my ankles stretching on the first set...however once I'm warmed's a very comfortable and solid position for me (well, as comfortable as it can be holding a barbell over your head! ) Also, I'd say from eyeballing feet are definitely turned out about 40 degrees...anything not as flared I feel some major torque on my right knee.
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