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Thurs: 5.5 hrs of sleep. Got a 1 hour nap too.

Felt pretty sore today.. stupid cross work two days in a row plus other stuff. However, as I warmed up felt not bad.

OAC: 1x1B.. decided to quit for today
inverted hang eccentric to hang: 3x10s
straddle hang pull to inverted hang: 3x5
OAD (one arm dips): 1x1B, 1x2B

Hmm, overall didn't really get any pushing work in today. But I did get to do some work on english handstands. My left arm in front is much stronger. Although my form sucks (I do arch and I could correct it but it's going to be tough) I can definitely get some good about 5s holds or so now. Being stronger really does help a lot.

Inverted hang to eccentric is too easy now. I am going to have to work cranks (see or do some work with straight body pulls from hang to inverted hang like I am now. I do them with no momentum which is good.. straddled so far.. cheated a bit with the latter set last couple reps. Good stuff though.

One arm dips.. haven't done these in a while and they are easier now then they were last time. I can probably do around 5 or more if I went all out (I do these on a ledge by the way and let my feet hang against the wall). Pretty good stuff.. was going to do freestanding HSPUs but I didn't feel like it.

Knee work + ice.

Gonna eat ice cream and maybe a bit more then sleep.. need more cals..
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