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Thursday 9/11/08
first: Somber day, not much happening at work and realized it may be because of the "anniversary" of 9/11. Maybe not, either way it's a day to take pause...

Heavy OHS Single then, 85%x2x3 (Single done at 155, Doubles done at 135... these felt much better today)

Push Press 5x5: Done at 120 across. Again, these felt much better. I was fried last Thursday. Definitely could push another 10 lbs. or more for 5 sets across..

Metcon: 1/2 Angie in 6.59. Far from a PR. Pull Ups on the homemade bar are taking a while. Up to 21 kipped pull ups (vertical kip not nearly as efficient as the gliding kip in my opinion) but blew up around 30 or so.

Notes: Finally getting the weight to nudge up. At 5'6"-7" depending on who's measuring and 160 lbs. I am pretty solid, but I could stand to put on some weight to make the strength gains a bit easier. Looking for 170+ before I start to lean out again in the spring.

I'm reminded of a quote I saw once that said something like "I'm always amazed at how much better my genetics gets when I eat more and lift heavier". How true.
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
- CJ Kim
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