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Originally Posted by Liam Dougherty Springer View Post
I'd love to see comparitive studies from different types of activity populations i.e. runners, matial arts, swimmers, Interval Trainers (pretty sure it would be extremely difficult to find very many elderly interval trainers but i could be wrong) Dancers, and weight lifters.

I wonder how many of the runners in these studies also did these activities as well? I guess what I am saying is is this a comparison between active and inactive elderly or active runners and active non runner elderly. It would make a big difference in evealuating whether the act of running itself not just a higher activity level had anything to do with the resistance to age related deterioration.
I suspect that simply being physically active throughout your life gives you an edge when it comes to longevity but there is a correlation between grip strength in middle age and health in old age so some form of resistance training would be sensible of you plan on staying healthy.

Midlife Hand Grip Strength as a Predictor of Old Age Disability.

It may interest any carb haters out there that the number of Japanese centenarians has reached a new high despite all that rice they eat.

Japanese centenarians at record high.
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