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Originally Posted by Derek Maffett View Post
126? Definitely not a good thing at your height. What happened to your knee?

What are you up to with the OAC now? I seem to be a little stronger in that now with all the Olympic lifting, but I still can't pull from the bottom. So frustrating... even if I haven't trained pull-ups seriously since forever.
Tendon/ligament pulling away from my tibial tuberosity last Oct. I have reinjured it multiple times so am taking it extremely slow this time. Like... insanely slow.

OAC my PR is 1x4 with both arms. I have pulled 1x5 without the eccentric portion though. And yeah, work the negatives and work weighted pullups. Assisted positives can work... but I felt they didn't help me as much as I wanted. Emphasize the portions you are weakest on by going the slowest in them or do a static in that range. My sticking was the bottom so I did super-slow work with the bottom; now my weakness is the top, lol.

Originally Posted by Blair Lowe View Post
You need to sleep way more. And I'm pretty sure eat way more too as I'd guess you don't eat much. You are a stick amongst other sticklike asian ppl. However, a very strong stick.

While I can run on a biphasic sleeping schedule, 3.5+2-3, it ain't fun not even with 5+ in the first phase. Little naps help but it still sucks for working out imo. It might be ok for a pure strength modality if I could get past the WU when I'm that sleepless.

I figure the cross hurts simply because you don't do it much anymore.

How clean is your press to HS?
Yep.. more sleep would be good. Trying to transition my schedule more... I've gone to bed at like 1-2 AM past couple days so it's getting better.

I don't like splitting sleep it's no good. Trust me.. did a lot of that in college, hah.

As for cross, it's not that it hurts so much. When I get fatigued I can't keep my shoulder girdle depressed well and it pushes my shoulders up into my ears more or less. This pinches my supraspinatus either tendon/bursa or whatever is there into the acromion which makes it sore and painful to do more. The couple crosses I held on Tuesday were not enough to make it fatigued, but the one on Wed was after I did heavy work the day before.

As for press to handstand. When fresh I'd estimate I could do about 4-5 good pike presses. Straddle presses probably 7-8 or so. They're VERY strong now that I'm much stronger. Like silly easy.


Anyway, I am probably gonna try to do some maltese work tonight and maybe some type of crank/front lever work. Shoulder is sore where the cross hit it on Wed, and OAC aggravated it a bit as well so I'm going to try to stay away from those two at least until next week or so.
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