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Fri: 4 hrs of sleep + 2 hrs nap. Yeah yeah.. poor sleep but I had to get up a 6 so I had to make do with my poor schedule. Actually got to bed pretty early comparitively.

maltese leans (1/2 lay): 5x10s
front lever holds: 4s, 6s, 10s
rings OA pushups: 1x5B

Hmm, ended up being a fairly "crap" workout namely because I'm sore from yesterdays. Probably the negatives I'm guessing. Maltese leans were crappy. I guess front lever work got better cause soreness was going away (gonna start entertaining ideas of one arm front lever work or weighted front lever work we'll see)... one arm pushups good for the core.

Um, ended up being 5 on this week so I'm probably gonna take tomorrow and Sun off then start again Monday. Prehab work for the shoulders through self massage and some ice.

Knee ice now + ice cream.
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