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Charles Moreland
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Friday Workout 9/12

Warmup -

2 minutes rowing
20 airsquats
10 push ups
40 second handstand hold
185# rock bottom iso hold 30 seconds

Workout -

260# Squat 3x5
65# Weighted Dip 3x5
225# Deadlift (form trouble)
115# Clean (form trouble / new exercise introduction)

PT -

100# Lat Pulldown 3x5

Squats, once again, felt amazing. Dips I was straining and grunting but I think I'll be able to push up to 80ish before losing my linear progression. Deadlift was done today on a different bar (unsure of the name - handlebars on the side). Made the lift alot easier but really made me feel like a cheater in some ways. Stubborn me would rather wait to fix the barbell form.

Cleans are a new addition I hope to keep in the mix from here on out. 115 felt pretty decent but I do think I use way too much of my arms. I'll go back and rework form a lot next work out.

Elbow feeling very strong.
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