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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
Keep in mind that it should be hard as shit - these are ambitious %s, and you may not always be able to hit them. Add to that lack of sleep, etc., and it's not a surprise. Those last couple weeks in particular, you may have to settle for smaller increases than what's prescribed.
Ok, cool. I think I just underestimated how aggressive the %'s are especially toward the end. What really got to me though was that I was struggling to meet weights that I previously did just a week ago.

But, after thinking about it...I've been under a lot of other outside stress lately. Even though I've been eating well and generally getting awesome has been really hectic with an approaching deadline and on top of that I've been working on multiple home improvement/remodeling projects that had to be done before this weekend. So for the last several weekends I've been spending 15-20 hours on sat/sun with the home projects plus trying to keep up with house and yard maintenance throughout the week after work. Add the cumulative fatigue from the program as it builds over the weeks and no wonder I was feeling thrashed.

I think I need to back off the weight a touch and ramp up again using smaller %'s as I get to the later weeks (even if I have to extend the program itself for another couple of weeks).
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