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Originally Posted by Jacob Rowell View Post
There's some 2nd pull weird-ness(yes, that's a technical term, hah), namely that the knees don't rebend, but I don't have any good suggestions there.
Dude - I had this exact same problem until I met with a coach one on one. I never would have diagnosed it myself...but essentially what the coach told me was that I wasn't really scooping and I was never hitting my power position. I was sort of doing a a bastardized deadlift highpull. What cured it for me were a bazillion snatch and cleans from the jumping position.

My non expert eyes also say it looks like your sitting too far back in the squat portion. Like you need to be more upright by pushing your hips and knees would help here big time.

However, I'm still a work in progress so take what I say with a grain of salt.
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