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Mark--Thanks for the reply. I will keep focusing on learning. I have learned how to tap from 100 different angles, so I have that going for me .

Derek--Thanks for the email and telephone offer. I might take you up on in the near future. I just ordered Roy Dean's DVD after I reread his 4 e-journals. The best article discussed what newbs should be focusing on the first 6 months and 5 years. The flying triangle? Nope! The Brazilian Cobra Flying Omoplata? No, sir. He recommends working positions, positions, positions (e.g., side control, side control escapes, half-guard and half-guard escapes) because that is what you do 80% of the time and will build a great foundation to expand upon years later.

On a side note, I went to practice yesterday morning and focused on nothing but relaxing while framing and getting to my hips and improving my position (defensively and offensively), only using power when I executed the needed moves. At the end I was tired but no when near like before. My breathing improved dramatically.

Garret--you could be right. I am bigger than the majority of guys in the class, so they could have really tuned it on thinking I could be a spas. I told each person before we rolled that I was intentionally not going be one so I would not injure them doing something stupid. We do have a few guys who are former wrestles that I think are only there to relive glory days.
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