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Nathan Stanley
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Saturday's a Rugby Day! Okay, we didn't play today, so I tried to simulate a half w/ out getting too complex.

The idea was to go back and forth 40 yards either carrying a sandbag, jogging, sprinting or walking. The only exception was when I would go 10 yards w/ a walking KB swing, then jog the rest of the 40 yards.

Dynamic Warm-up then:

As many rounds of the following in 20 min.
1a)10 yards of walking swings w/ a 32kg KB then jog 30 yards (down)
1b)5 burpees then sprint 40 yards (back)
1c)Bear hug Carry a 70 lbs sandbag 40 yards (down)
1d)Walk back to the start (back)

You have to switch the order of the burpees and sb carries in order for things to work out right. I'd have thrown in a dragging sled, but didn't have my truck today and couldn't fit it in my car.

By and large I felt about the same as I do after a half of rugby. I will say, that there weren't the long sprints or the very short but very intense movements such as a tackle, or running w/ the ball and trying to break the gain line, but there were long pauses for injuries, scores or who knows what.
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