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Originally Posted by Sebastian Milla View Post
Hey guys, I'v been on the original mass gain program for about six weeks now and im just about to go into my third week of the strength mesocycle. Here's my question, I don't seem to be gaining all that much mass. I Started the program at 164 and now I m 166 but i feel that that is mostly fat. During my first hypertrophy mesocycle I was in Peru so pwo was a little iffy, as in no carb load after my workouts so i started doing 10 blocks of carbs 5 blocks of protein after my strength workouts. I am progressing steadily with the weight but I'm not seeing a lot of muscle mass. Am I just impatient or should I supplement? I'm 17 so I think I could handle it recovery wise seeing as I get at least eight hours of sleep a night. Thanks.
Eat more protein on off days, like 1g/lb of BW at least. More fat on off days. Only lift 2-3x a week...if you can't gain on 2x a week, your workouts and eating are all wrong. Eat plenty of pwo carbs after workouts (whole food). I like 1 on/2-3 off for workouts and pwo loading. You can do cardio on off days and keep the carbs lower with the fats a bit higher. Workout days should be all about carbs/protein and lowered fat intake. If you want to gain, eat more.....and as a trainer buddy of mine says "The best thing for putting on muscle is to go buy yourself and XBox" (meaning you workout couple times a week and then just eat and rest)

You can also read this post about gaining muscle and how most people just don't eat enough....or run around way too much
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