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Jonathan Owen
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pw. sn.+2brski sn.

40x3 48x3 56x3 62x1+1+1miss 62x1+2misses 62x1+2misses


50x3 60x3 70x 3cl.+2sj 78x1+1miss 83x2 cl.+1 sj 83x1+miss cl. drop to singles
83x1 83x1 83x1

cl. hi pulls

90x3 100x3 105x3 110x3x3

on the 110 every 3rd rep turned into standard pull, this happened with 105 too.

back sq.
60x5 75x5 85x2 93x2 100x2x3

Something is wrong with my hip/glute! I felt it immediately as I started to back squat, really affected my confidence. I am gonna have to really step up the ice and probable reduce my back squatting. I am a little frustrated right now!
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