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I'll tell you what, this last saturday was my big "cheat" day. I haven't had a day like that in a long time, so I went all out. I ate 3 cherry-frosted pop-tart packs (6 pastries total = 1,200 calories), large and multiple handfuls of cheez-its and tortilla chips, two oatmeal cookies and a few brownies in successive action -- all amongst my "real" meals of the day. I didn't even put on a freakin' pound -- and all of that junk was probably like 3,000 calories, so for total that day I must've had like some 5,000 odd calories. Of course I was pretty active that day (I enjoy heavy conditioning), but its incredible. Back to eating healthy again though as I generally feel better. I felt sick after eating all of that shit, but its comforting to know that my body can just pass all of this shit out, but I'm in my early twenties though. However, eating healthy just makes me feel better, I wanted to experiment a little bit with my body. haha. Doing this once every week is probably a bad idea though, but once in a blue moon, eh...

Normally I subsist on sardines, eggs, chicken, vegetables and fruits...

So I say do it all in one day.
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