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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
Where in your knee is it hurting? Done any SMR for the surrounding areas?
Im gonna stop short of saying pain but it is definately discomfort and there is lots of pressure in the area.

The discomfort is generally around the patella, the upper and lower area but not on the actual knee itself. Not sure if that would be the vastus medialis or not but it's in that area.

The discomfort actually starts at the hip flexor or abductor as im squating to just before parallell and after a few reps I can feel pressure begin to develop down the quads into the knee area.

I've been doing quad and hip flexor stretches and hamstring stretches. I have not done any SMR work as I don't have a foam roller and im not to familar with it but I have been reading into it the past few days.
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