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John Kaupp
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Default Stance and Feet movement

I have been noticing lately that I am a narrow squatter. Heels about shoulder (maybe less) width with toes turned out. Lately, I have been leaving my feet basically in the same position as my pull when catching the bar on snatch and cleans. Today I was working on staying upright in the start and my snatches felt great; good speed, easy turnover, easy lockout and standup.
A few things came together today like letting the traps hang loose so they can factor into the second pull. Foot movement was almost non-existent getting under the bar, and this felt faster than I have in a long time. Anybody else do this and do you do as well with heavy or near max weight. I was doing singles with 80 and my PR is 92.5. I feel strong in this position right now and stable as well.
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