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in response to the speculation, no it was not in kgs. If that had been in kgs I wouldn't be here i was only saying i wasnt a novice because from an interview i read with rip he said that SS was for scrawny kids that had never set foot in a gym before. I DID buy the book, I really liked it and i gave it a good shot, but i just wasnt progressing at all on my squat, bench, or anything. right now i think ill just finish another two cycles of the PM gainer program and eat some more (I am at the point where my body seems to be handling 20 blocks like its cake). I've been reading around the boards and it sounds like mass gain is a straight up desacration of quality nutrition in general (a certain article about oreos...). However, if i end up staying at mutherloving 164 for another two months i will either kill something or try starting strength again.

i cant afford the milk tho
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