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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
Looked a lot more solid than your last vid, very nice.

Make sure you change your stance in the way your front/Oly back squat as well since the receiving stance is suppose to be the same. Like I had said before, the chalk thing on the outside of the feet can help, have one outline for your pulling stance and then one outline for the "new" stance with your toes out. You can even use that in conjuction with the Burgnener WU.
Thanks Allen.

I have those marks on my platform at home. And I'm going to make sure all my squats reflect this more prounced turning of the toes.

For me, it amounts to about a 1" to 2" movement of my toes outward to go from my pulling stance to my recieving stance. I'm going to drill myself to death on this to get it right.

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