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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
A foam roller isn't needed, softball/tennis ball or something like that will work as well. Roll you're entire lower body from your glutes, quads, adductors, abductors, IT bands (that will hurt), calves....etc

I'm not sure where you are at but I saw some foam rollers in Target the other day if it's a matter of accessibility.

I went ahead and picked up one at target



240 x 5 x 3 unfortunately my knee started hurting during the warm-up sets with just the bar and I had to take about 10- 15 min between sets to rest


150 x 5 x 3 I actually knocked out 10 reps on the last set out of boredom


275 x 5 x 1 This was tough and I was surprised my form did not break apart, im pretty sure I wont be able to make another 10lbs jump

All in all it was a tough workout for the squat portion but my knee was feeling a lot better for the deadlifts at the end.

All this knee pain is making me want to cut down on back squats for next week so I may start throwing in front squats on the middle day. Once my lifts stall I don't plan on doing a true reset per SS but rather a higher volume program given to me by my coach. This is to allow more focus on overhead strength, snatch, cleans, jerks, etc.

Also not sure how much longer I want to keep up with caloric excess, this milk is getting expensive. I kind of want to lean out and wait to do another mass gain cycle some other time.
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