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right, so in response to everything I guess my issue with SS is that I felt I could do more. My squat, I can't tell you how bad it was, I'd just funk out after a couple sets and it just didnt FEEL right. I wasnt eating until I was "sick" but i felt very full and i was eating a lot, but i really think it all went to fat, straight. true, my food quality blew but it wasnt anything horrible either, whole grains, whey, as much milk as possible (two cups per meal), and meat, cheese, eggs, I really did go all out. By the end of the month I was up ten or fifteen pounds or so but I can guarantee you it was water weight and fat. I'm looking for the real deal, and it doesn't have to be aggressive either, right now it seems like my lifts are going up with PM so i'll either stick with that or jump to Mike O' Donnell's Hollywood Bod thread.
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