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Charles Moreland
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Wednesday Workout 9/17

Warmup -

2 minutes rowing
10 push ups
20 airsquats
185# rock bottom iso hold 30 seconds
Burgener warmup

Workout -

275# Squats 3x5
75# Weighted Dips 3x5
125# Clean 3x5 (form work thus light weight)
225# Deadlift (Still form work)

PT -

110# Lat Pulldown

So I jumped 10#s by accident but squatted just fine.

Dips are destroying me I think. I ended up pulling a muscle in my neck (how?) and now I'm getting ridiculous pain from my supraspinatus levator scapulae area. I went to do a handstand today and the pain shot through my back and felt like a torn muscle. I may take a week off or I may just drop some weight for a week until the pain subsides.

Elbow progressing right on schedule.

Cleans are getting pretty "clean" so far. I'm staying with the low weight until I have worked out the kinks in the transition from the pull to the power jump. Just need more smoothness before I start adding weight.

I promise, video of my deadlifts soon!
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