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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
I must be doing something wrong on the Pendlay Rows or I am not as strong in the pulling department as I thought. I have played with them and am very uncomfortable at the 135 LB weight. I mean struggling uncomfortable. I plan on having them as a major part of my routine the next six weeks so I better get good at them.

Training is looking good.
Hm, take a vid? I think I'm doing them right. This is my setup:

1. I stack 2 rubber mats up to stand on, this was due to trial and error but unless I do this I need a really wide grip, since I have long arms in proportion to my legs.
2. The bar is over my toes and my legs are almost straight but not quite, I can feel a stretch in my lats when I grip the bar.
3. I pull really hard to my sternum, trying not to move my hips at all.
4. The bar hits the ground and I re-grip and do it all over again.

The 205 felt better than the 200 last week, weird. Talking about pulling strength, Dave Van Skike was saying he goes up to like 300+ for reps....not in my range at the moment.
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