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Michell Kaarne
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Monday 15 September
Fran Rx'd 23m18s
My first Fran ever! After the first 6 reps I failed to do a 7th thruster and thought I'd gone for too much weight. Was about to lower it but figured I should just push through and see how far I could go. Ended up finishing it eventually!

4 cans of tuna
450g frozen spinach
2tbs mayo
13tbs evoo
Tuesday 16 September
ME Squat Clean
From Full extension 5x20kg 3x22.5kg
From Hang 5x25kg 5x35kg 5x50kg
From Floor Failed repeated reps at 60kg
Hang shrug 5x60kg
From Floor 3x50kg
From Full extension 5x20kg
It's painfully obvious I need to find someone to teach me a proper clean. I have no way of recording myself atm but I think I am reverse curling rather then pulling under and not getting to full extension before doing so. I also have a really hard time getting under the bar as the weight gets closer to BW. I'll try to get to the local olympic club this weekend and see if they'll let me join. I'll try to work on my 3rd pull from full extension and hang to shrug with a broomstick at home.

150g feta cheese
750g ground beef
600g string beans
6tbs evoo
Wednesday 17 September
Really sore from the previous two days so I warmed up and did Ross Enamait's GPP#1 from Infinite Intensity as active recovery.

Burpees x 30s
Jumping Jacks x 30s
High Knee Dumbbell Press (5lb) x 30s
Shadow Box x 30s
Repeat entire circuit 5 times without rest
Been a few months since I last tried this and I really had to fight to finish it. Would have liked to do more work each round but I know I'll do much better next time.
Had time for a mini core circuit
2 rounds
DB Side bend 5x30kg (per side)
Back extension x10
Russian twist on an ab-bench 8x5kg (per side)

500g salmon
125g mozzarella
800g frozen broccoli
9tbs evoo
3tbs butter

Thursday 18 September
Really sore today. I was thinking of moving this workout to Fridays lunch break and do that days metcon after work but I got in an argument with a co-worker just before my lunch break and needed to let off steam
ME Deadlift
5x50kg 5x65kg 5x80kg
3x95kg 3x105kg 3x110kg
Failed 115kg
Took 21 minutes. Will rest more next time...

4 cans of tuna
450g frozen spinach
14tbs evoo
Friday 19 September
The Chief scaled PC to 50kg/110lb
15 rounds total (3,3,3,3,3).
Pulse was 200bpm right after, 1 minute later 170, 2m150, 3m145. Don't remember in-between rounds.

100g feta cheese
750g ground beef
3tbs butter

After 8pm
Multi grain Cheerios with natural yoghurt
Slice of beef pie
3 mini ice-cream cones
Crunchy cereal with yoghurt
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