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Default Fat as fuel and a little bit about protein

ive read alot about this subject from brilliant people. But could anyone tell me what kind of fat you should use as fuel and why?

Saturated fat: many people say this is the bad fat, but there are also people saying this is the best fat you can get and your diet should consist of mostly saturated fat.

Mono fat found in olive oil etc.

poly fat found in nuts.

im also wondering about the difference from saturated animal fat and saturated plant fat. Is this the case with plant poly and mono fat also?

like is the poly fat from nuts different from the poly fat from animal flesh or eggs?
the same goes for mono fat. is the mono fat from olive oil and pork fat the same?

When it comes to protein.

I was just wondering, as Ori Hofmekler(Warrior Diet) talks about. When it comes to protein from animals he says that we havent developed the enzymes do digest the animal protein? and he seems like he knows what hes talking about. But many people say that plant protein are the bad guy.

If i forgot something i will add it to the post
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