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Default How do you cook <food>?

So, now that I'm in college, I have a bit more control over what I eat. There's still my dining hall meal plan, but me eating from that costs about $20 per day, and won't last the entire semester, so I've got to supplement with groceries from the local Shoppers. Giant and Safeway are right next to each other, in the same direction as Safeway, but twice as far away, so they're an option too but not preferred. There's a place called My Organic Market about 2.5 miles away in the opposite direction - I hear they're like Trader Joes (closest is 5.5mi), so they may be worth checking out at least once.

My cooking experience is limited (mostly grilling meat, boiling veggies), so I'm looking for advice on the following:

Sweet Potatoes: I've only had them boiled, which I liked, never had them baked. I can't find any consensus on the time/heat it takes to bake or boil (obviously boiling is 212 degrees). Any tips on spices too?

Avocados: I've had a few plain and raw now, and they were pretty good. I'm happy with them that way, but always looking for more options. Shopper has them 10 for $10 this week, so I'm about to grab a bundle. Most of the recipes I've seen are simply putting it on top of a salad (avocado cumcuber salad, avocado mushroom salad, avocado tossed ceaser, etc.), which really isn't much of a recipe.

Beef Hearts: Something that just caught my eye last time I was in Shoppers... No experience with them.

Beef Liver: Again.

Any other strange cuts of meat: I'm willing to give them a shot.

Duck Fat: I recall seeing this mentioned in a few recipes on this site. What's it for?

Tahini (spelling?): Same thing.

The following tools are at my disposal:
- George Foreman Grill (about 8x8 inches)
- 10 inch skillet (deep, with a glass lid)
- spatula
- cutting board
- knife
- minifridge with microfreezer
- oven (for the whole dorm hall, but I don't think it gets any use)
- normal fridge and freezer (for the whole dorm hall - I wouldn't leave anything easily edible in the fridge part, but I don't think anyone would take a hunk of raw meat if I left it sitting in the freezer)
- microwave (one in the my floor's lounge, and in the dorm all kitchen)

I'm really tempted to bring my Cuisinart to make up some nut butters, but that thing would be a pain to clean up without a dishwasher, and I don't have anywhere to buy nuts from anyway.

Also, are there any P-Menus with particularly good recipes in them?

Thanks in advance,
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