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Saturday 20 September

Woke up full of energy and almost no soreness at all! I was expecting to wake up in pain after this week but there is none. Thought that the food choices of last night and today would put me in a sugar coma but they haven’t…weird.

About the diet

This weekend is my third carb-up since going on the Anabolic Diet for real. I was kind of doing it for two weeks prior to starting but once I read through the articles on (safe) and the first 30 or so pages of the HUGE thread over at t-mag I got a bit more serious.

I count everything I eat (and drink) during the the low-carb days, but on the weekends I just eat. A lot.

I did the 12 day break-in at 2800 calories and then took it down to 2600 for the following two weeks. 2600 feels good so I’m going to stay there for at least two more weeks. I have no idea what I’m taking in over the weekends but I don’t care as my waist keeps shrinking and I look a bit bigger. Did I say I feel great? I do.

Both previous carb-ups were pretty much rice pasta and bread but this time I had a huge craving for cereal and it seems to be working out nice. Will have to see how this week goes of course, maybe I’m not that carb sensitive.

Diet, or lack there of…
More cheerios and yoghurt
More cereal and…yoghurt
Mascarpone ice cream
Beef pie
Thin crust pizza
Loads of candy

I do however feel a bit stuffed now. It's 10:30pm here so I have been loading for 28 hours and I don't feel like carbing untill 8pm tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll keep it to 36 hours this weekend after all and just get up early for a big bowl of cheerios
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