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A few quick ones as I have a littl ebaby to put ot bed. I'll send you more tomoro:

Sweet potato - baked in the oven in coconut oil - 20 mins at about 190 - cut them nice and thin and put them on a baking tray (not on top of each other).
Boil and puree with hand blender with a load of butter and some salt and pepper - really good too. You can add nutmeg too. Some people were saying about microwaving them - haven't tried it but i guess for a big one try cooking on high for 8 mins after spiking it with a fork. if it's not cooked go a bit more.

Avocado - look at guacamole - avocado, garlic, lime juice, small bit of tomato, salt pepper, sour cream - awesome. I love to eat them raw too tho, or chopped up in a salad.

Duck fat - good for cooking in, goose fat is good too. Olive oil also great and I love using the coconut oil - get some of that - you can cook everything in it and it gives a diff flavour.

If you are going to cook organ meats get a pressure cooker if it's viable but you will need a stove. Liver you can fry but I think heart needs longer cooking times as it is a tougher meat. For ease I buy in bulk grassfed beef, in steaks, pieces and minced, freeze and defrost as I need. Same with chicken. Also there is nothing wrong with frozen veggies and berries - that way you use what you need and don't have any wastage.

Tahini is sesame seed paste - loads of uses. Keep making you nut butters they are great. Get some bags of nuts too they last for ages.

A good tip is cook double or triple and then keep some for the next day, then you don't have to repeat the task of cooking it all.

In my day as a student days all those years ago it was bags of pasta and rice and cans of tuna and spend our money on beer! Good for you tho - I wish I knew all this cool stuff back then.

Good luck with the college and remember to bag a few hotties! I'm so jealous!

I'm sure Jay will chip in with some more.....
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